“The flattest expanse”

The only words I remember uttering before the first infusion kicked into “peak” mode,

“The flattest expanse”

I’ve been waiting to comment on my recent ketamine infusion therapy for depression for a few important reasons, not least of which is the “nature of the beast”: that depression and psychiatric stuff in general is difficult to quantify and, in my case, has been impossible to treat until recently.  This is to say: yes..I had an extremely positive reaction to 5 days of ketamine infusions.  By the end of the second day, I knew something was “up”…..I felt extreme activity in my brain, and had a helluva time sleeping during the treatment week.

I was perched high above the California coast, feeling as if I was the current transmitter of something earthly to “elsewhere”.  Most of the rest of the first involved extreme visual synesthesia (I chose Bowie’s All Saints, minus a couple tracks [like Sense Of Doubt, for obvious reasons]).  Everything seemed to react to the music/was part and parcel of it.

Friday will be a week, things are good right now..my mind is clear, concentration & mood drastically improved, and I feel good-ish.  Maybe I’ll be able to identify what “good” is at some point

More when there’s more to say.




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