do transition traumas make for good drama?

The traditional “scary” conceits usually contain stories of the sane going “crazy”

I’ve been told time and again that it is, in the end, not the music that sells, but the story behind who is making it; this all leads to the point.

Quite literally, who is interested in the story of the opposite process?  If you are, I’ll do what I can to deliver.  It will involve drugs and weirdness, as it’s me.  Novel medical processes (ketamine).  If the story of, statistically likely, me regaining my sanity is a way to properly get the music heard, so be it: I’d talk to anyone about it face to face; I just wasn’t built for this set of decades.

If nothing else, it will document a failure.  Am I too cynical to bother trying to boost view through such maneuvers? Apparently, no….I’m not above that.

–Nick Gerald Peterson


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