Anyone who’s ever spent more than a few hours in my presence has heard me extemporize at nauseating length on the value of David Bowie’s work; for which I am unashamed: you knew of what I spake even if it annoyed you…because, honestly; most people mean little to nothing to me. ¶ I honestly question my future as an artist, after fighting for it and almost dying for it so many times I’ve lost count. THIS IS NOT intended to evoke any sympathy, empathy, reaction etc…
It is intended to provoke the question: what does art, ‘art’, or “Art” now mean to you? I expect, EXPECT response…NGP
P.S. there will be more to say later….retail-masks are good obfiscators of reality.


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  1. Hi, Thank you for asking this question, Benjamin or another trichotillomania band member. As for your statement, “honestly; most people mean little to nothing to me,” I am puzzled because you seem to value my opinion. But perhaps you value my opinion (And maybe me) because I DO appreciate David Bowie {as evidenced by my remark and I DO appreciate you & trichotillomania.
    As for your question:
    Perhaps the issue of “Art” as applied to music, it can best be approached through music history.
    For the common working people, “art” was both utilitarian & delightful to their souls–relieving the burden of repetitious heavy work in the fields as they sang etc.
    And even 200 years ago, slaves sang soulful songs to ease their pain–but it was also utilitarian. Their songs often served as codes in the underground railroad.
    “Steal Away” was the code song that it was time to sneak away to freedom.
    Even today, people relieve stress of struggling to achieve their dreams by plugging into their ipods and listening to “Dream On.” etc.
    Thus I believe one characteristic of musical art is that it nurtures the soul and spirit.
    #1] If it doesn’t touch your heart–it ain’t Art.
    As music advanced through the millennia, it evolved to the point of instrumental music which spoke not only to the heart but to the intellect.
    This was first accomplished in a huge way by J.S. Bach. With his ear-piercing, hi-db organ (the rock equivalent of electric guitar today) he’d improvise on the spot.
    Someone gave him a melodic phrase and he’d immediately play it on his organ. In the right hand, then backwards in the left hand, then in retrograde inversion in his feet. Then all three at once!
    So then musical Art ALSO became:
    #2] A pleasing stimulation & rewarding challenge to the mind–to both play and listen to.
    If it doesn’t touch your mind–you got a brain to find.

    In my opinion, the Art of music is that sonic art form which speaks to both heart and mind.

    And since we are all individuals with different hearts & minds, art is defined by how sonic expression individually speaks to him or her. It may speak to the person through the hip-hop, classical, rock, jazz genre etc.
    The composers who touch the listener are a matter of personal taste. Some people love Barry Manilow and others love David Bowie.

    The Art of music is that sonic art form which speaks uniquely to both the heart & mind of an individual.

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