Walking the walk, Talking the talk….

There used to be a ‘thing’, when people would call others out on their cowardice..”You talk the talk, but you don’t walk the walk”.  Now that “Social Media” is THE thing (make no mistake, it has co-opted how you think, & how you conduct your lives and how and to what extent [qualitatively and quantitatively] that you interact with the rest of the world)..people are now just as afraid to “Talk the talk” as they are to “Walk the walk”.  You should be ashamed of this fact; but in all likelihood, anyone who reads this who would not been afraid to speak, at least, along the lines they would prefer to be able to act, will, however, ignore this because they fear being ostracized because their preconception of others perception of their feelings/thoughts is unpopular (this week, at least) and/or are not politically-correct or ‘sensitive’ enough to guarantee that people will not ‘Like’ their ‘post’.  I make no apologies for anything I say or do in a public forum, as I disallow the preconceptions and conceits of others to be dictatorial factors in how I choose to live my life/what and how I decide what speech I make in a public forum.  I understand that many people are threatened by the very idea that there exist those who do and say what they want; however, I reserve the right to think of you as cowards.  Popularity is never worth sacrificing your integrity/sense of self/core values.


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