If I don’t express this, I’ll lose my shit to a deathly degree.

Things/’Places’ like Facebook and the like foster, to those so inclined, the capacity to promote the creation of mythology, for very specific purposes.


Everything that can be a Cause or disguised as one is able to be, for nothing but a bit of time, to be promoted to an audience-size history has never seen.  An individual’s capacity to potentially alter the flow of Human Culture is, through the lens of ‘people are intrinsically good’, would be nothing but beneficial.   I ask you to please consider that many people and many interests have ulterior motives….and that many people simply are not capable of conceiving of the longitudinal likelihoods of their actions, for which everyone has to potentially suffer.

First, let us establish that all opinion, by definition, is subjective.

This being said (for simplicity), most of the “isms” and “ists” we know and or think about/align ourselves with, in many cases can contravene the stated goal).  The most obvious of these is the Theist/Atheist clash.  My personal opinion on this, for the sake of this post, is irrelevant.  The perfect and prescient example being that, if Atheists genuinely expect to convince another of the non-existence of a deity; they are attempting , de facto mind-control.  When one bothers to concentrate the light of current events through the lens of History, it is obvious where religious fundamentalism has come from and as a reaction to what.  (Yeah…talking about terrorism in the name of Allah as well as Christian Fundamentalism in the U.S. as well as 1,000 other things I am ignorant of).

That which has been positioned under the Rubric of “Gender equality/in-equality” is another easy-to-grasp, VERY present and palpable set of issues.  Most obvious and ubiquitous is the whole Breast Cancer ‘thing’, which has become absurd in its corporate co-modification.  Corporate sponsors of “Feminism” have hijacked the concept/practice of even the possibility of decency & non-violence in precisely the same way some ancestors of slaves in the U.S. have lobbied for financial reparations for the misdeeds of people now dead/whose ideas are mostly dead.

To accomplish the stated goals (which can be, across the board, distilled to ‘plea for equality between living things & equilibrium between living and non-living things’) …someone has to be the “bigger person”.

To state that “god-haters”, “woman-haters” or “racists” NEED, either, to adopt far-reaching dialectics (in many cases) [they need to think JUST LIKE I DO, OR THEY ARE BAD] or become social pariahs/Luddites does NOTHING but further breed deep-seated hatred, based on NOTHING but the insistence that someone INSISTS that you believe what they believe…, and that ONLY their very insular and personal singularity of ideals is what is “correct”.  Obviously, at this point, people with a ’cause’ have contravened their cause by getting person ‘A’ in political subsection C-5 to recruit 10 friends, who will recruit 10 friends, et cetera, ad infinitum…who will all believe what person ‘A’ told them, “They want to take away your guns, or god, or government or perceptions or desires…let’s go fuckin’ start a war to save our way of life”.

If your cause/ideas/ideology can tolerate opposition because it simply is the ‘right thing to do’, then, PLEASE tolerate that other people (especially on unfenced/vetted forums online [Facebook isn’t the U.N., and even if it were, recall how much has been accomplished there for a comparison]) who are going to voice opinions you find to be idiotic/contradictory to your thoughts….THIS IS NOT YOUR AUDIENCE & not a group of people whose opinion you are likely to change.  MY personal perfect example is one of (subconsciously…all I was feeling at the time was contrarianism) trying to convince a 5,000-year-old Earth, Adam and EVE, Biblical Literatists that their beliefs are illogical and simply not possible…(Science)?   …Anyhow; I never, for a second expected to convince someone of the illogic of their beliefs: I merely wanted to make myself feel smarter than I already felt (which would be an exercise in the possible extent of perception of personal supremacy, in my case).  I don’t presume to speak for anyone else, however, the simple give and take that history has shown is part of Human nature, tells me that, your side, cause, place or position can ONLY be contravened by what amounts to pseudo-militant actions, to limit not the actions, but the OPINIONS of those who vocally oppose you.  This results in only one thing, historically and logically: Insurgency.

I am not stupid enough to not realize I may have pissed-off many people, but I’m also aware of the fact that if you can’t show the tolerance you expect, you are just a fucking hypocrite whose position/cause/ideology will just trade blows every few decades with its opposition.

If you cannot tolerate the somewhat intolerant (sticks & stones, people)! words and protestations of those who you see as your opposition, you are, probably, a culpable party in destroying what little still exists of Civilization.  I’d ask, quite simply, that you not burn the planet to the ground for your beliefs…..I have to live on it & and I can certainly tolerate your ideas, whatever they may be, as long as you restrict them to rants on things like the LCD (math term, don’t make me spell it out) ‘outlet’ for any/everyone like facebook, etc.




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