The ‘why’ of it all?….

It is irritating that I find it necessary to step-aside from myself and my actions to be ‘the narrator’, for a moment, so that I might just get a point across to a few people who probably already understand what I do and why.

Culturally, everything, by default, moves toward the moderate; toward that which is safe, digestible to the largest possible audience and doesn’t serve any purpose but to generate revenue while wasting your time.

I spend my time making an attempt at entertaining myself, first and foremost.  This usually encompasses a few elements that attempt to, as much as is possible, distort convention so that, by contrast, convention “sticks out like a sore thumb”.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to simply go against the moderate & homogenized background noise by being absurd, hyperbolic and/or confrontational/contrary.

Can you honestly name the last time that something truly surprised you?

The rudderless boat of cultural moderation (shaped by everything from over-sensitivity, to again, revenue generation) will always end us up dead center.  Dead center is flatly boring and not a place that is worth occupying for anyone aside form those that lack the intellect to know the difference.

I hope I have made myself as unclear as possible.


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