How Ebola may save ‘America’ as we’d like it to be…..

It isn’t lost on me that this is a controversial subject; more so with a headline such as the one above, however..,

…we have seen the failings of Government apparatus in this and PEOPLE take responsibility for themselves and each other, independent of regulations and in the interest of saving Humanity from a crisis.  Airlines have halted services to and from ‘hot-spots’, people who have possibly been contaminated are taking responsibility for the health of others, STRANGERS, to quarantine themselves to prevent further outbreaks.

…If you don’t know, FEMA can declare emergency status, by committee and suspend the U.S. Constitution.  If this is to occur, there will not be much in the way of outward panic.  Most people, who do not and will not educate themselves as to the facts of Hemorrhagic Fevers, and the distinct differences between them (THIS is where the bullshit lives…read, read, read)!, will gladly trade their freedoms for their lives.

….it will be calm, a soft touch: you’ll be headed away from where you live, some orange cones will lead you off to a detour and a gate will close behind you.  LIFE FOR FREEDOM, FREEDOM FOR LIFE.  (It is easy to avoid Ebola if you have adequate food and water where you live…..READ)!!!!!

I never wanted to get ‘political’ with our work, however, this isn’t partisan. This is fact vs. fiction and potential life vs. potential death.  This, very well could be the manifestation of Dan Carlin‘s “9/12 Scenario”.

I hear and see people reacting, though, in a manner that contradicts the fear-mongering (which demands us to be smart or die).  These are the values I was told to hold dear….hilarious how close they are to a Marxist/Leninist ideal, when the going gets rough….the re-packaging starts happening.


–come at me, Nick Gerald Peterson, if you take issue. I decided to say this on my own and let it be on my shoulders alone.

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