What those like me do for fun when in an ecological sewer…..

I despise places that I have no comprehension of.  I despise my necessity to interact with people who do not live/make decisions through logic.

I simply, as my elitist nature makes a necessity, encapsulate myself in the relative oddity of the situation.  Recently, after deciding that I didn’t ‘cotton’ to the neighborhood I was in by happenstance, I decided to be wasteful to satisfy my mind.

(Note: this occurred to waste time and the money of a hotel that didn’t live up to any expectation [I ordered room service, promised to me in 25 minutes and came, inedible 2 hours later..I used to do this job, from front to back at a hotel with almost exactly the same number of rooms, and if I’d done this, I’d have been fired immediately instead of gradually]  I got really bored waiting, so I made it 58 degrees in the room while it was 90+ outside…why???   FUCK YOU/It, all of this, that’s why).




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