Pebble in my shoe.

Pebble in my sneaker: I am aware you or your employer had an agenda….I retraced my steps over the last 26-28 hours, and last removed the footwear in which you had been sequestered roughly 12 hours ago, but you had not yet arrived. I removed said sneaker indoors, you were not cloistered in my shoe before this morn. You infiltrated whilst I slept, with all doors closed to preserve heat (yet the heater remained active until I woke after 8 hours.…

New recordings soon.

New recordings soon.  In mixing and mastering process for the first few, which will be released upon completion.  Thanks for continuing to pay attention.  By some fluke, we’ve still got a few of you listening.  I can say with no hesitation that we are proud of the tracks that you’ll hear.  Beyond that, it’s hard to project.