If I don’t express this, I’ll lose my shit to a deathly degree.

Things/’Places’ like Facebook and the like foster, to those so inclined, the capacity to promote the creation of mythology, for very specific purposes.


Everything that can be a Cause or disguised as one is able to be, for nothing but a bit of time, to be promoted to an audience-size history has never seen.  An individual’s capacity to potentially alter the flow of Human Culture is, through the lens of ‘people are intrinsically good’, would be nothing but beneficial.  …

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The ‘why’ of it all?….

It is irritating that I find it necessary to step-aside from myself and my actions to be ‘the narrator’, for a moment, so that I might just get a point across to a few people who probably already understand what I do and why.

Culturally, everything, by default, moves toward the moderate; toward that which is safe, digestible to the largest possible audience and doesn’t serve any purpose but to generate revenue while wasting your time.…

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How Ebola may save ‘America’ as we’d like it to be…..

It isn’t lost on me that this is a controversial subject; more so with a headline such as the one above, however..,

…we have seen the failings of Government apparatus in this and PEOPLE take responsibility for themselves and each other, independent of regulations and in the interest of saving Humanity from a crisis.  Airlines have halted services to and from ‘hot-spots’, people who have possibly been contaminated are taking responsibility for the health of others, STRANGERS, to quarantine themselves to prevent further outbreaks.…

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First impressions after watching Fincher’s Gone Girl (deliberately vague, no spoilers)……

I just returned from a late showing of Fincher’s new film, Gone Girl.

This was not something I could easily define, but was immediately intrigued, but not enthralled.

It steadily grew and after about an hour, gained momentum until the end.

This was not a movie that was “Easy-viewing” and was certainly not intended to appeal as such a thing.…

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